Thursday, November 3, 2016

Yesterday we had Chris from the Manaiakalani Out Reach. We learned about problems in cyber space.
This is my DLO about Personal Details. 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Jordon's World Of Maths Recounts

World Of Maths

Today we had world of maths, it was cool we learnt some maths that we hadn’t done before. There was this one when you had to make triangles and squares out of some blocks, it was like a maze if you get it wrong you had to go back and do it again. Some of them were easy because we were in groups of four people in one group. Here's is a photo of what it looked like at the world of maths.

Jordon's Waka Ama Recount

Waka Ama

Yesterday we had waka ama at the beach in waitangi next to copthorne. It was a fun day we left school at 9:30 am and got back at 2:20 pm. When we first went to the beach Mr Rob was getting the life jackets and hoe out of his car, my whole class put our bags under the tree in the shade so our lunch didn’t get warm. First up was it was the girls in the waka with Mr Rob. The waka can fit six people in it. Here’s a photo of the girls in the waka and the waka we were all rowing in.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Jordon's Procedural Writing

We have being learning about procedural writing. We had to make a goal up and write about it we had to put in the materials and then write them in steps.

How To Ride A Bike
To ride a bike.

- A helmet
- Shoes
- Knee pads
- Friend
- Bike

1. Put on your Helmet, Knee pads and Shoes.
2. Pick up your bike.
3. Hop on the bike.
4. Sit on the seat and see if your feet can touch the ground.
5. Put your feet on the pedals and start moving them around.
6. Then when you get the hang of it get your friend to give you a little push.